My Quinoa Stew

My continued gratitude to the good chaps at github who make this site and others like it possible. Thanks guys.

I had steam sauteed some onions at lunch in my favourite cast iron frying pan and had put a little water in the pan to let the leavings soften. That oniony goodness was too valuable to wash down the drain, so I used it as a base for this stew.

I added some quinoa, 1/4 cup is 150 calories.

Then I added some water. I can't remember how much. Just some.

Sliced a stalk of celery and cut up a clove of garlic (which my friend grew in her garden - so it was extra good).

Quinoa only takes about 10 minutes to cook. I had the heat on medium high. I stayed a watched it. I love lookinging at cooked quinoa with that tiny little tail curling off each grain. I'm easily entertained.

Since I don't count celery or the garlic clove in my calorie count, I needed a few extra to bring it up to 200. (I'm currently working on eating 200 calories each time I eat. Working well so far.) So I found my yellow miso in the refrigerator. Now to give me 50 calories worth of miso, that would be 5 tsp. Way too much salt in that. So I settled for some, and scooped a blob into a bowl with a chopstick.

The quinoa had reached a texture that I feel was appropriate so I ate it with the miso.

I would cook this again. Cheers, Anita.