Poetry by Anita Kuno

A place for me to post my poetry whenever the muse whispers in my ear.

Darkness and light envelop my breath as I move forward, uncertain and hopeful. My feet, lost in darkness; my heart moves toward the glimmer.

Confronting face of earth and rock. Fingers embedded in rootlets and moss. Tarsal arch lifts and cuts purchase. Shifting my weight, I ascend

Home again. My dog greets me. Squinty eyes, she smells of sleep. Shakes with collar tags jingling. Puts her nose to the door and turns to me

Sunshine creeping across my wall. Spreading out, increasing its claim. Sharp shadows from my furniture impede its dominance. Good morning.

Crystal spires mark six points stamped from vapour high above. Stasis u-nique.. my-nique, his-nique, her-nique, their-nique. Flakes ya'snow.

Water's slate gray resides in the sky, the air hangs heavy. Water & expectation. Lone flakes swirl partner-less descend and drop. Transition

Virgin snow. I am first. Tyres impress the plough's winrow. Park; furry excitement bursts. Dog's paws mark our path & I follow branches low

Wind tells testament of her travel. Bare treetops, maple branches dance, enact her passion; weighed branches freed. A wall of snow descends.

Stars sparkle dance touch. Glide surface and shimmy. Smile, they beckon. Join and shine. Freely move and sing. I am enticed. My smile flies.

Intently working; focused. My lap, it beckons. My cat valiantly responding to the call, leaps and settles. Cosy draped across my busy wrists

my eyes open, draw breath extend my palms, inflate fan embers of my heart fill myself with gladness gratitude joy more and more full

Green skin rolls back beneath my blade reveling white flesh. A scent of melons; cucumber crunch. My feet in grass, mosquito song in my ears.

leaping and landing. mmmmm. persistent paws navigate my geography. wend up to my shoulder. doppler purring. gentle breath in my ear, cat'sup

My cat, my sentinel, perches in the gap of the open window. The seal on the house broken; intact since autumn. The first breath of spring.

Sweet found snow, blue overhead, buds shorn slender maple branches bead sweet drops touched by sun. Hungry deer bring me taste of spring.

I remember your touch though you are absent. Activity fills the void, I know you are there. Grace me with your presence; with your smile.

Fresh snow covers hard crust bones, bare skin. Pine boughs mar the smooth; tufts of whiskers. Stretch over curve and rise; gentle sun. Smile

My head pound with thoughts and tasks. Snow falls heavy large flakes dance beyond the glass. Bits of sky give a fresh kiss of love and bless

Sunlight smiles. Trees hold their bark tight. Soon they will act as conduit for the riches beneath the earth. Sugar to feed the beauty. Soon

My open closet summons my cat. Lurking beyond the bi-fold, hoping that shirt selection distracts. Waiting to leap and nestle amongst socks.

Twin forces meet. One from above, one from below. Revel and navigate. Celebrate and propagate. Symphony of touch moves and caresses. Ahhhhh.

Can you see the moon? A sliver of promise glows in the dark void above my house, teasing the treetops and smiling as it descends over there.

waiting, last p before bed. Robe and clogs, out the door, freeze. tracking moonlight my dog descends the deck, sniffs her spot on the crust.

gray wind follows night rain warming snow reveals forgotten artifacts from before limp, mussed and intact forestalled decisions must be made

A decade between sarvangasanas the rust falls away. Thankful for cell memory Modified savasana follows for most of me cat bed for my abdomen

Tiny flicker taps triplets. I triangulate. Pried bark flakes fall. Testing, tapping. Takes wing. Alights. Drill. Impressive. Adieu. Freezing

Sun claims Frost's territory. Birds. Warmth. The measured drop into waiting buckets rings out. Carried by the breeze. The Herald of Spring.

Spurs of frost surface the deck. My furry family, their morning ablutions complete, poise themselves in my window. Their backs warmed by sun

Etched on my car hood, rachis & barbs gesture outward and dance flowing Safe from the sun they live in the fragility of dawn I am transfixed

There. Yes, I saw it. Amongst the trees. Slender legs step gracefully, cautiously. Doe careful walking here, there. Turns. Beautiful pose.

Feeling fragile, delicate. The time between fresh ideas. The elder enacted, the new not yet arrived. Pensive. Void time. Good habits comfort

Rain today. Branches exposed to wind accumulate drops. Sport buds at each terminus. Rain falls. Wind blows. Preparation for the next stage.

An army of flakes cut through my view. Accumulation on the garage shingles. My newly naked garden exposed. Safe behind glass, I ache for my.

Freshly exposed trail a thin veneer of autumn leaves. Ruffled where deer hooves punch down in the soft mud. Splay hoof marks from a bounding

Copper moon, dream beacon. Expanding in Libra. Drawing my liquid life toward you. Ole ways surface for the washing of tears. Clearing space.

Moonshine on frozen waves forms a water cobble road. Pathway to possibility leads straight to my feet. Golden light of acceptance greets me.

Morning sun smiles. Crisp morning air cuts thru Last year's detritus a thin layer covers soft spring soil Through the brown, the green peeps

Bouncing off every released wavelet, the sun's smiles are thousands. Shimmering light caresses the lake's liquid surface. Reunited. Excited.

the nuthatch lights in the cedar the bough bungeeing up and down. by the garden, a doe, immobile. she regards the house, poised. sun dapples

Summer sun teases as warm winds forgotten briefly gather themselves leaving a memory of last year touch here & there packing to go miss you.

sweet strains refrain close my eyes. summer night & stars top down bare feet tickle the side mirror, dotted yellow leads the way in the dark

I breathe your breath and my day falls behind me. Concerns fall from my shoulders, my heart beats with yours. Shhh. I don't want to explain.

Breathe my heart, stay close, shhhhhh. There will be time to move but not yet. Darkness holds quiet; promise embrace. The low murmur of you.

The lake again is mine. Strong branches sans leaves, illustrate gestures against a backdrop of mirrored moonlight filling the garden of lake

Sunshine glosses fluffy clouds, bare sticks throw their arms into the dance. A dry leaf skates across the deck partnered by the wind. Autumn

First rays of sunlight shine through frost covered boughs reaching out to caress facets of snowflakes patiently sparkling in their blanket.

Squeaky snow beneath my boots crisp snow pressed down marking many previous footsteps. The history of my travels in frozen vapour. Sunshine.

Weaving by two, moving, comparing, computing. Take what is here, moving it there. Ring a doorbell, deliver a package. Tiny virtual world EOF

gentle flakes bring calm and still, gracefully descend to snuggle amongst friends link hands with neighbours and sing sweet sky song quiet

Sky filled with big beautiful moon. Light glows surrounds and gives its wealth soon to show its beauty naked before our eyes. Truth visible.

Bronzed summer paper trembles holding lightly tightly to stemmed branch. Wind shakes song from its tips, rustle and sway last of the leaves.

Space in my heart, in my arms, formerly filled with insistent nose and waggy tail now with memories and your presence. Your love anchors me.

Autumn dim closes the day. Wind blows rain beats on window carries crow call to me. Dry leaves shiver, huddled to branch. Grey blue & brown.

Smiling quarter moon my breath enrobes you in moon dogs Clear sky holds the snow blanket tight Squeaky hard pack beneath my boots Twigs snap

gossamer wings of word porridge flutter behind my closed eyes sticking to my brain threads lost & meaningless do I know you? sorry to hear

Last rays sun peels forward pushing wrapping touching cold bark tree-top fresh old waiting moves around encompass warmth too soon cold bare.

Little pellets, like a sneeze, stream outside my window. Apologetic for their existance they move horizontally avoiding their fellows below.