My day at Obtiva.

You can read a ton of books about filming a movie and you can even be a really good photographer but until you have been on a film set with 30-60 crew members and danced the dance, you really don't know what it is like to make a film.

I have been reading books and blogs on software development for quite some time but I had never experienced what it felt like to dance the dance until I spent the day at Obtiva.

I was asked to describe the feeling and I can't. But I know that I touched something wonderful and I want more. I have just had a taste. I am unable to quantify or qualify my experience because it is too new. But this finally felt like home. This is the feeling I have been hearing about. I like it.

I could try to describe the process. I could even try to talk about the setup, the chairs and the desk, but that is besides the point. It is the people. It is the feeling of being in the environment and working as a part of the that. My consious mind is busy working, hashing through all the data, trying to figure out where and how to store it. I just keep getting the same message back, "More data required."

I'd like to thank everyone at Obtiva for contributing to an environment in which they are exactly who they are. It allows me to feel comfortable being exactly who I am. It feels really good.

Now that I know what I am looking for, it makes it easier to recognize when I find it. Thanks for that.