My continued gratitude to the good chaps at github who make this site and others like it possible. Thanks guys.

Made garlic soup tonight. Dry roasted a head of garlic in my cast iron frying pan, no oil. Just peeled the cloves and roasted them over low heat with a cover.

Then I mashed them in the same pan and collected them in the masher while I added some olive oil and flour (spelt, if you care) and mixed them together until they were smooth (roux) and then added the mashed garlic. I then heated this until it was warm.

I added some water and some sage leaves from last summer's garden, crushing them over the pan. I stirred until the soup was blended, turned up the heat a little and kept coding for a while.

Returning, I saw the soup was warm. Since I didn't use stock cubes (too much salt) I poured the soup into a bowl and added a small amount of miso. The flavour was rich and hearty. Not filling enough for a full meal, it made a great start and was a good way to eat a head of garlic.